We’ll also cover what internet speeds you need to work effectively for home internet and office support. CenturyLink is your trusted provider of internet, home phone, and TV services. Whether you’re at home or on the go, CenturyLink offer fast and reliable internet. Sometimes the service of your internet service provider (ISPs) can be at fault, so be sure to research your chosen internet company. Sometimes the service of your internet service provider can be at fault, so be sure to research your chosen internet company. If your provider doesn’t offer this, you can still rely on public WiFi.

If the VPN provider is in China while you are working from your Arizona home office, your speeds will be slower. Additionally, consider factors such as customer service, contract terms, and any additional features or bundled services they may offer. Cara Haynes has been editing and writing in the digital space for seven years, and she’s edited all things internet for HighSpeedInternet.com for five years. She graduated with a BA in English and a minor in editing from Brigham Young University.

Symmetrical Speeds

If you don’t have a telecommuting job or want to make a switch, you might want to check out my article on interesting remote jobs. In that case, think about the size of things needed to work from home a file and the time you would like it to download. If not, then the fast speed coming in from the modem will be limited by the bottleneck caused by the slower router.

A remote worker can benefit from using a VPN service to prevent malware attacks and protect your privacy. At these speeds, you can add another person who enjoys streaming and works from home, too, as long as everyone’s online tasks are light. We mentioned that 50 Mbps is a good starting speed for working from home, especially if it’s just you hopping online. And it’s enough to forward cat videos to your friends or stream a couple of Succession episodes on your downtime. As the internet usage increases, we expect that the connection bandwidth you need will also increase.

Best Internet Speeds for Working From Home

If you enjoyed the post — please share it on your favorite social media site. Another must-have piece of equipment that you will need to work from home is a printer with scanning capabilities. While you may not use this a lot in your daily functions and tasks — you will need it for signing contracts, forms, and W9s. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good working color printer and scanner. Epson makes a wireless color printer, scanner, and copier for just $49.99. I personally use the Brother INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer.

what type of internet service do you usually need to work from home

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